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    In Progress Apps unable to connect online. Ver. 2.3.16

    Been having a problem with the latest MIUI build for the Galaxy nexus. Any app that requires net access (YouTube, maps, etc.) are unable to connect. The only one that seems to work is the browser. I've tried wiping with a fresh install, different kernels and radios without any success. However...
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    No audio when using bluetooth voicedial

    I've noticed an annoying bug when using a bluetooth headset. After initiating a call using the bluetooth voice dial, all the audio on the phone stops working. I'm unable to hear the person on the other end and then after turning off bluetooth the phones audio (notifications, music, etc.) stops...
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    Miui updater downloading old versions

    Not sure what's causing this, but the updater app keeps trying to download version 1.9.9 even though i'm on the latest build. Anyone else experiencing this.
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    Slow screen rotation when using dark themes.

    I've noticed that since the last build after applying any dark themes, the time it takes for the screen to rotate doubles. Just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this. It's not a huge problem but it really kills the fluidity of the rom.