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    Theme downloader

    Why do I see new themes on the forums but there are never new themes added to the theme downloader? Sent from my Droid using the Forums App
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    Droid rebooting after update

    I updated to 12.24.2010 then to 12.31.2010, now when I try to install from market or update the themes downloader my droid reboots. Anyone else having this issue, is there a fix? I'm also having the same issue running 12.24.2010. I like the changes in the updates, but I like being able to...
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    Droid led notification

    Is there a way to get the led on the droid to work? I love MIUI but I hate having to light up my screen to see if I have a msg. Sent from my Droid using the Forums App
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    MIUI Forum App not working anymore

    My forum app on my droid is no longer loading. Its stating that the forum has deactivated tapatalk, please contact system admin. does anyone know how to correct this?