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  1. Wolluk

    MIUI Lockscreen with new options

    Hi all, The newest MIUI mentions something about the lockscreen being updated so it can handle stuff like agenda and weather display. Has anyone come across any new lockscreen themes bases on the newest lockscreen possibilities? Cheers Hein
  2. Wolluk

    Update superuser 2.3.6. to 3.0.6.

    Goodmorning, I have the latest MIUI installed and with it comes Superuser 2.3.6. from ChainsDD. The latest Superuser is 3.0.6. and i would like to find out how i go about updating the 2.3.6. to 3.0.6.
  3. Wolluk

    Upgrading to the new 1.10.28 developer goes wrong

    I got a signal that the new rom was ready to be download to upgrade the currently installed 1.10.21 version. The download went smooth but when i choose to upgrade it errors on my during the backup procedure of the system files. And then when i choose to skip the backup rom manager says it can...