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    New 3.12.13 ROM is a RAM hog

    Awesome ROM. My only problem on the Sensation was that there is very little RAM left. And I have the same apps that I've always had. Also, the ID3 tags used to show up on playing media over Bluetooth, but it disappeared in the last few releases. Reverted to 3.11.29. Hope this gets fixed this...
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    HTC Sensation - Extremely difficult to get GPS Lock

    Version 3.11.8 has it; the prior versions had it. No amount of "patching" from XDA sources has helped. With CM 10.2 and the AGPS patch, the lock is virtually instantaneous.
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    New GPS Issue

    I see this happen on my HTC Sensation - GPS applications shut down inexplicably, be it Google Maps, CoPilot Live or Navigon.
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    New MIUI Music and Bluetooth

    These may have been reported before: 1. On reconnecting to bluetooth, sound does not come through until one goes to Settings and fiddles around with the volume. Pressing the volume up key doesn't work. 2. When music is playing via bluetooth, if there is another sound notification (from, say, GPS...
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    Lock screen not available when PIN is configured

    Hi, I adore the MIUI lock screens. My corporate exchange policies mandate that I must have a PIN for the phone. However, when that is enabled, I can no longer seen the lock screen. When I hit the power button, it takes me directly to the PIN entry screen. Is there anything I am missing...