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  1. Jiia

    Samsung Galaxy S II ?? Can Some One Port MIUI ??

    So what is CM7 exactly? I thought it was just vanilla Android made by CyanogenMod? So when they get CM7 working, will it then be easier for devs to port MIUI on SGS2?
  2. Jiia


    You just put the .mtz files inside the theme folder. If you can't see them then you just change the extension to .zip by renaming the file. And you don't need 7zip to make these files. You can do any kind of zip and then just rename it. They're not different type of files, they just have...
  3. Jiia

    New Android Market

    Confirmed working on Desire. Alignment problems fixed. THANKS! :)
  4. Jiia

    MIUI gallery request?

    +1 The stock Gallery3D is terrible and slow as hell. All the custom programs MIUI guys have made have been a lot better than the stock Android/Sense ones.