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    Answered: How'd I Know There's An Update (miui 8.xx Stable)

    Dear fellow Miui'ers I am running the stable version - I understand it gets "monthly updates" (not sure though) So here's the question - the phone "does not update OTA" i.e. even if you check and there is an update it does not say yes there's an update and we'll download that. So is there an...
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    Cannot Install Chase Bank App

    FRESH install Miui eu stable ROM made sure app has ALL permissions Chase Bank app just crashes and force closes Any suggestions Thanks Sent from my MI MAX using Tapatalk
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    Seeking Miui Device Recommendations

    Hi Miui device needed U.S. LTE compatible 5.7" screen Micro SD Fingerprint unlock. I've tried searching but seems device may not exist. Thanks for your time Go Miui Sent from my MI MAX using Tapatalk
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    Going From Stable To Weekly

    I am currently on the latest stable ROM I want to go to the weekly ROM can I just dirty flash it . Thanks Sent from my MI MAX using Tapatalk