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  1. sparxx

    Soundcloud,Facebook and notification on xperia s

    hii guys i have problem with facebook and facebook messenger on xperia S i dont get any notification from facebook on miui rom i'v add the apks on alarm fix list but still dont get any thing !! i'v look around but didnt find any fix what i understand that the miui kills the background apk buy...
  2. sparxx

    Miui for lt26i JB need some help here

    Hii guys I had ported miui jb for Xperia S but the launcher is kinda laggy I used nexus s and cm10 as base!! Any one has an idea how to make it smoother? And another question I can port miui using the stock ics as base?? Sent from my LT26i using Tapatalk 2
  3. sparxx

    What files related to the miui music player?

    Hii guys.. I want to port. Miui music player so I want to know what lib files I shud take? Sent from my LT26i using Tapatalk 2
  4. sparxx

    In Progress Emoji Bug still on miui !! how to fix it ??

    sorry iBotPeaches but the bug is till there !! you say its been fixed on the close thread but its still there mate :( !? and here is the picture !! the emoji still dont show up !!
  5. sparxx

    it didnt fixed !! why you mark it resolved !?

    how to fix this bug ??
  6. sparxx

    New Chines Emotion on sms still not fixed !!

    the emotion on sms still dont appear !! why nobody is fixing this bug ?? is it miui bug or kernel bug ?? is it only for the xperia S ??? any body else has this problem ??
  7. sparxx

    can xperia s keyboard installed on MIUI rom

    hii guys I'v take the xperia s keyboard textinput apk and i want to install it on M&M miui rom ,, but when i hit the install a message show up says ( cannot be installed ) !!! why it cant be installed when other keyboards can be installed ?? and what i can do to make it work on miui thanks
  8. sparxx

    About miui camera

    hiii every body I just want to know if miui camera gonna have zoom ??!! i think its the biggest bug on miui rooms ,, but didnt get fix until now ,, working on that or its not important for you people ?