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  1. fefuzzo

    New Google Photo Bug with Miui 11

    With miui 11 based on android 10 (my device is Mi Mix 2s) i found a bug with google photo: if i have a photo worh date 01-01-2019, and i upload this photo on 13-01-2019, Google Photo change EXIF date on my photo from 01-01-2019 to, my timeline is gone! Every pic lost his original...
  2. fefuzzo

    New Bug Mi Calendar Miui11 Mix2s

    Problem with calendar: if i try to insert Reminder, Anniversary or Birthday Event, i have a popup that invite me to select an account, but all i select doesn't work and i can't insert these the top bar when i press + button to insert an event, i can see that calendar app try to find...
  3. fefuzzo

    New Live Wallpaper Lost System App

    In miui 9 v. 8.3.8 (mi5s plus) i can't set live wallpaper because there isn't wallpaper cropper in the /system/app Can you share it? Thanks
  4. fefuzzo

    New Mi5s Plus - Video Resolution Switch

    Hi, my problem is very simple. In the stock camera, if i select 4K resolution into Video-Settings, when i close camera app and ther reopen, resolution switch to HD resolution. I have this problem with all miui version (global, china, Now i have rom (7.7.20 miui 8.6 with...
  5. fefuzzo

    Mi5s Plus Support Tv Out From Usb Type C?

    i bought i connector with usb type C male and hdmi female ....but if i connect to my mi5s plus, i can't see my screen on my possible to enable tv out on this device??' or this feature is not available on this device??'