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    Roaming permanently off, but bill shows multiple short data connections during holidays abroad

    I think the problem might be with some operators, who do not have a completely correct billing system that only bills you for your traffic, not networking traffic. But I am just guessing.
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    Roaming permanently off, but bill shows multiple short data connections during holidays abroad

    There is an ongoing discussion about this in a thread on the Swedroid forum. No clear solution has appeared yet. In short, your device does use some data traffic without your consent...
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    MIUI 11 global available for update

    Thanks. I don"t use the built-in camera app at all usually, though it has worked when I tried it. I use rather 2 different G -cam apps and Open Camera. None of these work perfectly in all situations, especially slow motion does not work. The G -cam apps often just crash. But they take much...
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    MIUI 11 global available for update

    I suppose the security patch is still from October 2018? Anything new and different compared to the weekly?
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    Firewall for rooted device

    I can recommend the no-root firewall Netguard. Available on Playstore and GitHub. It's really good, but of course if you need something that only works with root, it cannot do it.
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    MIUI 11 global available for update

    No, but I downloaded it and saved it on my backup disk for the future in case of need. I'm staying with the last EU weekly 9.10.10, for now at least.
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    MIUI 11 global available for update released the stable v11.0.2.0 for Mix1 (lithium) on Nov. 8. Normally it should have been released for Mi Note 2 at about the same time. The official China stable is available. So I suppose there is some kind of problem.
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    Xiaomi Redmi 2

    This department is for Mi Note 2. You might try here, but your phone is EOL for a long time it seems.
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    Mi Mix1 somewhat unexpectedly just got the last stable eu V11.0.2.0, so I would suppose it should appear any day now for the Mi Note 2, as they are closely related. The official Chinese 11.0 2.0 is available at least. I'm staying on eu weekly 9.10.10 personally, just keeping track.
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    MIUI 11 global available for update

    You might try the last EU weekly 9.10.10. In my experience a good weekly is better than any monthly. The only other alternative seems to be LineageOS. Note 2 is still officially supported on Lin.OS v16, with nightly(!) builds - but automatically generated. I have never tried it. But there is...
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    MIUI 11 global available for update

    Would be interesting to hear how good it is, compared to the last EU weekly. I am staying on that EU weekly 9.10.10, for now anyway. Works fine, no problems.
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    Dark mode

    ?? Works fine for me, but it's not there in all (most?) settings pages. But you have to enable location and reboot if you want the "time of day" setting to work.
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    Xiaomi Router 3g

    Install the Mi Router app in your mobile phone, and connect it with the router. In the Mi Router app there are settings for Samba access (to the disk on the usb) for each connected device, you have to enable each device separately.
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    MIUI 11

    One can always migrate to LineageOS 16, Android 9, which currently is supporting automatic nightly(!) builds for the Note 2:
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    MIUI 11

    I figure on staying on the last really good weekly, this one 9.10.10 is a candidate if no serious bugs appear. Xiaomi will probably eventually release a final stable for these devices, but I would not count on it being very good, and may not do it - that is what happened with the Max1...
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    MIUI 11.1 9.10.10/11

    It means of course that all these Android 8.x devices will jump right over 9.x and get android 10 directly! For this Xiaomi will be sending out free motherboard upgrades with sd 855+! Or what did you expect?
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    AOD on Mi Note 2 is added?!

    No AOD, that was a false alarm apparently. Latest 9.9.26 has face unlock added, however, if that is interesting - I don't trust it security wise.
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    MIUI 11.1 9.9.26/27 v2 - MIUI 11

    How you get to the widgets depends on your device, on whether you are using full screen gestures or buttons. When you get there it looks like this:
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    For Those Who Wanna Update From Nougat To Oreo Simple How To.

    Installed EU 9.9.26, running fine, no problems so far. Baseband, kernel, and security patch versions unchanged since EU 9.8 29. Inkypen on XDA made yet another new TWRP version. I have not tried it, still using the last raupe-blunden TWRP. Perhaps you need it if you want to run a Android 9...
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    MIUI 11.1 9.9.26/27 v2 - MIUI 11

    That is a widget, you can get it in the widgets and put it where you like.