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    Media Scanner not picking up eMMc [7.1.11 Beta 7] [Inc]

    I have this issue on and off with miui make sure theres no .nomedia files in the same folder as your music as it will be skipped if there is, also see what happens when you move the music into a folder called music on the SD card /sdroot/music/file.mp3 and see if it gets picked up, your music...
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    auto-play miui music on BT-A2DP connection

    wait I think I just answered my own question... if anyone wants this feature, just look up an app called "Tasker" it would be nice to be built in, but its cool like this anyway :D
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    auto-play miui music on BT-A2DP connection

    There is a feature on PowerAMP that starts to play music as soon as the device syncs with A2DP. (I get in the car and start driving, a few seconds later, music is playing without having to pickup the phone and press play or dick about with the stereo) Is there any way to do this with the MIUI...
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    [REQ] Changeable grid size?

    I have a slight work around for myself. I use a program called Extended Controls (99c in the market) This program makes widgets, but you can put app links inside the widgets, so effectively it can give me a 4x6 or higher amount of space for apps, unfortunately it does not scale the size of the...