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  1. liyuweiying


    Might be the second last developer rom for POCO. So sad...
  2. liyuweiying


    Wow! Such a long changelog isn't quite common. Downloading... Thanks for hardwork in advance.
  3. liyuweiying


    9.5.17 for POCO works flawlessly!
  4. liyuweiying

    MIUI 9.6 8.4.26/8.5.3/8.5.4/8.5.8/8.5.10/8.5.17/8.5.24

    Does anyone encounter the problem on Mi 5 8.5.10 that Clock app always FC after a scheduled power-on so that the Shutdown alarm doesn't work?
  5. liyuweiying

    [solved] Any Working Recovery On Miui 8?

    Thank you. I'll try it later.
  6. liyuweiying

    [solved] Any Working Recovery On Miui 8?

    How do you flash it under MIUI 8? My default TWRP of 6.6.16 just stuck in its homepage, so I can't flash any image. Do you flash it under fastboot mode?
  7. liyuweiying

    [solved] Any Working Recovery On Miui 8?

    I downloaded and flashed "". This is the one from cofface packed in 6.6.16 which malfunctioned.
  8. liyuweiying

    [solved] Any Working Recovery On Miui 8?

    If getting stuck in TWRP, just put it aside and wait for about 2 mins until the screen's off. Then you'll found your TWRP working perfectly. I don't know if this is an individual case. If this isn't, this bug should be reported to the developer team...
  9. liyuweiying

    MULTI 6.6.16/17/18 - Miui 8

    Well... Official Chinese forum said that devices can update from MIUI 7 to MIUI 8 through OTA update without wiping any data. So I think eu verision should be the same, right?
  10. liyuweiying

    MULTI 6.5.26 - Last Miui 7!

    MIUI Chinese forum official said 6.5.30 contains some bugs that may make Mi5 restrart. Does this modified verision have this problem?
  11. liyuweiying

    MULTI 6.3.10/11

    Here am I again. I wonder if the malfunction of "Download" is fixed in this version.
  12. liyuweiying

    MULTI 6.3.3

    I wonder if the ROM and recovery of RMN3 are for MTK or Qualcomm version, or I can use them on both version?
  13. liyuweiying

    Aries_v7.0.4.0.lxacnci Vs Aries_v7.1.1.0.lxacnck

    Well... There's a official global version V7.1.2.0.LXAMICK for Mi2s now. Here's the downoad link:
  14. liyuweiying

    MULTI 6.2.25

    Does the "Download" app work this week? The app can't start any download (even a http link...) in 6.2.18. So I just went back to 6.1.28 and wait another week.
  15. liyuweiying

    MULTI 6.2.18

    Well... Torrent and magnet downloads are actually supported in EU 6.1.28. But this week, even the normal http downloads are not working at all. So I think there must be some bugs in the rom this week.
  16. liyuweiying

    MULTI 6.2.18

    "Download" app doesn't work on my Mi2s. It doesn't start a download when clicking a download link. (http/magnet/torrent...) Btw, the app name changes from "下載" (Download) to "下載管理" (Download Provider) in the launcher. I wonder if it matters.
  17. liyuweiying

    Can't Get Viper4android To Work Since Miui7 Update

    Use SELinuxModeChanger to change SELinux mode to PERMISSIVE
  18. liyuweiying

    MULTI 5.10.8

    Does anybody have problem with light sensor on Mi2s 5.10.8? It seems that my sensor isn't working so my screen is always working with highest brightness. That really drains my battery.
  19. liyuweiying

    MULTI 5.10.8

    Is adding the new downloader possible? The new one contains BT and magnet download function. It would be useful for me.