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    BankCard Mobil on Xiaomi Phones

    Hi guys, I was wondering, if anybody of you ever tried to use the "BankCard Mobil" App, which is used here in Austria vor NFC-payment. It does not work on my Mi6 - every check in the app is ok, but at the end (when I want to install my card) it says, that the SIM card is broken and needs to be...
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    Issue with conference call

    Modell: mi6 Rom: 8.6.21 v2 Sim 1 was used for the call (both slots contain a sim card) When doing a conference call, I can hear the others, but they can not hear me. Gesendet von meinem MI 6 mit Tapatalk
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    Incoming call background

    Hello guys, Is there a possibility to change the background of the incoming/active call screen in the new miui10 rom? The new background in the call screen is really ugly ... ;) Btw - changing themes does not and never change the background of this incoming call screen... Maybe...