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    [MOD][ALL][GUIDE] ICS Transition Animation and others for MIUI

    You can use UOT Kitchen to add this animation yourself. Just upload the framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk from the zip file of the rom, and you can make any theming changes. Under "Window", choose ICS (Android 4.0) animations" creates a flashable zip
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    No Changelog for MIUI 1.10.7?

    It is still quite early. At most you would only get a preview log by now. Perhaps wait a bit
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    different MIUI site

    There were issues with the team. This is the original community site. Other members moved. Sent from my Nexus One using the forum app
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    how to register with

    Ignore this comment if you were using Google Chrome, but Chrome browser auto-translated the page. = No copy/pasting into google translate. Makes browsing more manageable.
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    [ROM Suggestion] SMS Swiping.

    I like this idea, fyi this is what the GTalk app does. It's convenient when having 2 conversations.