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  1. bagi00

    [Q]Backup Transfer

    Hi guys,just a simple question: can i copy a MIUI backup made with a S2 in a S3 and restore it? Thanks ;) Sent from my 3310
  2. bagi00

    Four Grid Update feedback

    hi guys! This morning in my status bar was an update icon.."WOW" i thinked..but what is that update?and how can i download it?because if i tap the relase it says i must register my xiaomi account..and i already did it! See screenshots thankk :D
  3. bagi00

    [Q] MIUI on LG Nexus 4

    Hi MIUI Team, for christmas i wish a MIUI ROM for the new nexus...ahah joke! But will Xiaomi Team Support this new Google Experience device? P.S: Thanks a lot for you great and constantly hard work..Miui is irreplaceable :D
  4. bagi00

    [REQ] Scrollable Dock

    Is there a way to have a scrollable dock like go launcher? (in MIUI launcher i mean)
  5. bagi00

    Battery Drain Bug Solved!!

    SGS2 battery drain bug with the music app is solved! I don't know what they do but i update directly from the 2.7.29 (stable version) to the latest relase (2.8.3)! And TA-DA,no battery problems! Are your music bugs solved? :) Inviato dal mio GT-I9100
  6. bagi00

    [REQ] ICS Control Panel 2.7.27

    Why the preview version of the ICS Control Panel doesn't work with the 2.7.27 MIUI version? What is in this version changed? it would be nice if it works... Did anyone now another way to change the carrier name and center the clock in the status bar?I like too much this two customizations :D...
  7. bagi00

    New [2.7.13] 4x5 Widgets

    Hi everyone, Just 5 min ago i flashed the new MIUI version on my SGS2. I saw that the 4x4 music widget in the 4x5 layout type is not properly shown. It's only a little, but very little bug, but my question is if in the next MIUI version this problem will be solved. Here is a screenshot of what...