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  1. Weltraumjunge

    Mi Mix 2 Battery Degrading After 8 Months

    Hey fellow Mix 2 users. I bought the Mi Mix 2 at the end of September 2017. Now, approximately 8 months later I noticed the battery life to be unexpectedly short for 1 week. Yesterday I installed AccuBattery, an app measuring battery related data which tries to calculate the real battery...
  2. Weltraumjunge

    New Mi Mix 2 Bricks Overnight, White Flashing Led (edl?)

    Hey, how this happened: Device is on 18-03-15 weekly firmware. Before the night I tried to update the firmware in the updater app. I pressed "Download" but the updater crashed immediately before even starting to download and I didn't try again. My Mi Mix 2 was playing an Audible audiobook with...
  3. Weltraumjunge

    Google Assistant Sporadically Won't Start A Timer

    "Ok Google. Timer 10 minutes" "Okay 10 minutes, timer starting now!" *Native Timer app opens* *No timer actually starts* That's the story. Device is Mi Mix 2, latest stable Rom. Device is set to English, Google Assistant is set to English. Sent from my MIX 2 using Tapatalk