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    Android Messaging app FC

    I have tried to live with this problem but its getting too much. My messaging app FC 10+ a day. Since im a heavy texter, this really interferes with the use of the phone. It fc when i receive a txt, when im sending one, if its in my pocket Fc i will USUALLY get my txt back but not always. Only...
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    MMS apk FC Continuously

    During heavy texting, my mms keeps forceclosing. 100% of the time it happens. If im constantly recieving and sending text messages it happens. sometimes it will FC and i'll be able to open it again, and sometimes it wont let me., any one else experience this? the usual wipe DVcache chache and...
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    Power Save Settings Not Activating

    So i have power save settings turned on and all the setting turned on (lowest brightness, disconnect data/wifi, disable haptic feedback) when power reaches 10%, and i didnt notice it until a couple days back when i started actually testing this. When my power reaches 10% or lower, these settings...
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    Haptic Feedback

    Haptic feedback from keyboard seems to be missing in 1.6.17. Even if its enabled in setting (Ichecked every single one to be enabled) it seems to be missing. Capacitive buttons work ok, just not the keyboard or long pressing an empty space on the homescreen.
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    1.4.29 (English translation bug?)

    In any browser I use (Stock or Dolphin Mini) every time I get a notification like the one seen below, the middle button always seems to be missaligned. It happens to every popup where there is three buttons to select, middle one is always hanging. EDIT: forgot to mention it happens on my Desire...