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  1. p4trk

    Echo during calls in Whatsapp and any app while on speaker

    Mi 8 Lite, WEEKLY 20.1.21 v3 Android 10, I think since Android 10 became available for Mi 8 Lite, this has become a problem. Before 2020, any version and using MIUI 11 stable build, there was no echo during calls and on speaker but with the latest builds, it's an issue. I've seen other people...
  2. p4trk

    Invalid Ok Google/Voice Match

    Hello all, Running Mi 8 Lite with MIUI 10.3.3 STABLE from Before the stable update, like 2-3 days ago, Ok google/voice match stopped working and no I have everything grayed out. When I try turning on voice match, the screens that my voice is already recognized and to continue but the...
  3. p4trk

    Ok Google stopped working

    Hello all, I am running Mi 8 Lite with 10.3.3 STABLE and TWRP, not rooted. Ok Google was working but suddenly in the recent days it stopped working and I am not sure why. I read up some things about trying to use the power button to start Ok Google or do clear cache, uninstall update...
  4. p4trk

    Stable 10.3.3 in updater app

    Hello all. Using mi 8 lite with stable 10.3.2. Updater showed that 10.3.3 stable is available. What should be my next steps. Do I download the rom on my phone then flash it with TWRP or can I update via updater somehow so I don't have to start fresh?
  5. p4trk

    MIUI notifications

    Using 10.3 stable on Mi 8 Lite. In the notifications window, you can expend notifications to reply for example but for some reason, that doesn't work on lock screen. Is that something that you can turn on or is that a feature that's yet to be available?
  6. p4trk

    Background app list and killing individual apps

    Hello, Running 10.3 stable on Mi 8 Lite. I want to see and kill apps from a list. Is there a simple way to do it instead of the round about way in MIUI?
  7. p4trk

    Multiple problems with 10.3 stable on Mi 8 Lite - pictures, gallery, Google Pay

    Hello guys, Here is a few problems I am having and I am not sure what to do nor can I find any posts in this regard, please help @ingbrzy Before I start, I have Google synced up but I have Mi Cloud turned off and Mi Backup turned off as well. 1. Using the stock camera app, I take pictures and...
  8. p4trk

    Fallout shelter doesn't work fullscreen

    Hello, running mi 8 lite with 10.3 stable. Unfortunate even force full screen doesn't help. The image shows what happens. Any solutions?
  9. p4trk

    Gallery app issue

    Hello guys, running stable 10.3 on mi 8 lite. I only have one app for viewing images and it's the stock gallery app. For some reason when I remove the images via gallery app, they come back but I don't know. Help please
  10. p4trk

    Pictures while using 10.3 stable

    Hello guys, I am on a Mi 8 lite using 10.3 stable. I noticed that while taking vertical pictures in 16:9, in the gallery the show as vertical pictures but when I want to share them in Messenger or WhatsApp or any other messenger, that display horizontally. Anyone has an idea why that's...
  11. p4trk

    Invalid WhatsApp on MIUIv10.3 STABLE and Mi 8 Lite

    Hello, It started today, I noticed that WhatsApp on MIUIv10.3 STABLE and Mi 8 Lite stops working after each time its minimized or something along those lines. I got a couple messages saying "WhatsApp stopped working". Any ideas?
  12. p4trk

    MIUI 10.3 Themes, ringtones, alarms

    Anyone know how to uninstall themes and remove pre-installed wallpapers, etc.? I am running Mi 8 Lite with a MIUIv10.3 STABLE rom, TWRP but no Magisk. Also how or where do I place custom ringtones, notification sounds etc?
  13. p4trk

    MIUI 10 Themes

    Anyone know how to uninstall themes and remove pre-installed wallpapers, etc.? I am running Mi 8 Lite with a MIUIv10.3 STABLE rom, TWRP but no Magisk.
  14. p4trk

    Clean install MIUI10

    Please help. I am using a Mi 8 Lite and I want to install MIUI 10.3 but I am having a problem. I'm in TWRP and it's asking to mount or decrypt data and to put a password in. I think I can cancel to skip it to get to the main menu but this is where I get lost. How do I install the MIUI rom? The...