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  1. Kelvintino

    New Mi Max 3 on eu MIUI (Stable).

    The "Message received" tone selection is missing in eu MIUI on Mi Max 3!
  2. Kelvintino

    China Stable MIUI 9 Fastboot and Recovery ROM ( for Mi Max 3! :)

    By the way, Here is the latest China Stable MIUI 9 Fastboot and Recovery ROM ( for Mi Max 3! :) EU may want to cook it now! We are just short of a twrp for Mi Max 3 to flash it! :( Recovery ROM...
  3. Kelvintino

    Miui China Stable V9.5.1.0.nahcnfa For Mi Mix Released!

    Hi EU ROM, MIUI China Stable V9.5.1.0.NAHCNFA for Mi MIX Released! Hope to get the eu rom version asap for my girl friend's Mi MIX! Thank you very much in advance! :)
  4. Kelvintino

    China Stable Rom Released For Mi Max 32gb / Mi Max Prime!

    Just a heads up. Hope to get the eu version asap! Thanks.
  5. Kelvintino

    China Stable V9.1.3.0.nahcnei Released Today!

    Hi, China Stable V9.1.3.0.NAHCNEI has been released! We hope to see the eu rom version out soon! Recovery ROM Fastboot ROM Thank you very much!
  6. Kelvintino

    Miui 9 China Stable Rom V9.1.2.0.nbdcneifor Mi Max Prime / Mi Max 32gb Have Been Released.

    Dear ingbrzy, FYI. Hope to see the eu rom for Mi Max Prime and Mi Max 32GB (Stable) very soon! Thank you so much in advance! :) MIUI 9 China Stable ROM V9.1.2.0.NBDCNEIfor Mi MAX PRIME has been released. MIUI 9 China Stable ROM V9.1.2.0.NBCCNEI for Mi MAX 32GB has been released.
  7. Kelvintino

    Eu Rom Stable Or Beta For My Mi Mix (1st Gen)?

    Getting my Mi MIX today! (Yep! The 1st generation of Mi MIX)! Should I go for eu rom Stable or Beta for Mi MIX? Any Mi MIX gurus here who could advise me on which rom should I go? The most important is that WhatsApp notification must work properly!
  8. Kelvintino

    Twrp Helium- Cannot Copy Rom File To Internal Hardisk Of Mi Max Prime.

    Folks, Suddenly, In TWRP, I couldn't copy eu rom file to my Mi Max Prime with the error: "Cannot copy...device not recognized... device disconnected.." What had happened? I have been installing eu rom via TWRP for months without encountering such issue! This is my first time facing this...
  9. Kelvintino

    Stable V8.5.2.0.nbdcned For Mi Max China Prime Released.

    The Stable China rom released! :) Hoping for eu rom asap...:)
  10. Kelvintino

    [rom] Miui V8.5.1.0.nbdcned China Stable Rom For Mi Max Prime! Download Here!

    Hi Xiaomi eu, Based on this release. We hope that Xiaomi eu can cook up an eu rom V8.5.1.0 for international Mi Max Prime 4/128 and 3/64. :) Thank you very much in advance! ::) [ROM] MIUI V8.5.1.0.NBDCNED China Stable ROM for Mi Max Prime! Download Here!
  11. Kelvintino

    China Rom Has Been Updated To!

    China rom has been updated to MIUI Official TeamVersion: V8.5.12.0.NDDCNED (MIUI8)! Now, waiting for eu rom! :)
  12. Kelvintino

    Welcome Mi Max 2 Users!

    *Photo taken with my previous Mi Max. Being the first Mi Max 2 international user to post in this new Mi Max 2 thread. It is a great honor for me to welcome all Mi Max 2 users from around the globe! :) Just a heads up that the TWRP_oxygen is available now for international users to flash to...
  13. Kelvintino

    Mi Max 2 And Twrp Oxygen!

    Please refer to this thread!
  14. Kelvintino

    Beta Stable V8.5.1.0.nbccned For Mi Max (32) And Mi Max Prime (64/128)!

    Wow! Xiaomi is rolling out this rom for China Mi Max/Prime!~ Hope that eu Xiaomi can get hold of the rom and cooks up a international version for Mi Max/Prime international users asap! :)! Thank you very much in advance! :) Beta Stable V8.5.1.0.NBCCNED for Mi Max (32) and Mi Max Prime (64/128)!
  15. Kelvintino

    Mi Max Pro (4/128) Running On Eu Rom 8.2 Series! Simply Awesome! :)

    Hi Xiaomi .eu, I have just switched to this rom from the official Global rom and I'm blown away by the solid and bug-free eu rom! :) Great! Awesome job done by the cookers/developers here at eu rom! :) Thank you so much ! :)