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    MIUI 11.1 9.12.12

    Can not confirm. Camera works fine on Mi Note 3.
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    MIUI 11.1 9.10.17

    Just remove the payment method (card) and add again
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    Mi Note 3, PiP fixed now, youtube vanced working fine.
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    That is probably only your problem. I've specifically checked with one sim in both slots, both sims, changing slots and switching mobile data from sim to sim. Everything works fine.
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    Totally disagree. Internet works fine on both sim cards. Brightness control in auto didn''t change. Dirty install from previous weekly EU.
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    Mi Note 3, Bluetooth problem finally resolved, turns on just fine after flight mode.
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    Yes, now I'm having 9.1.10 with TWRP on my Mi Note 3 and nothing was erased. However as per Russian forum in Mi Note 3 thread at least 4 or 5 users faced wipe data...
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    Hi, I'm on Jason mi note 3. Can anyone make a screenshot of CA certificates from Settings/ additional settings/ privacy/ encryption & credentials / trusted credentials
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    Sometimes if problem is there and switch is off you need just to turn it on and back off then reboot. I remeber this problem from early miui 7 or 8.
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    Actually root not needed. You can replace files via TWRP and assign required permissions
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    no it is not
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    So install and let us all know how it works
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    Good that Google guys havent heard of that and this feature is perfectly working on all AOSP devices. I noticed strange behavior of lockscreen. I've got my Mi Band set as unlocking device. When I turn on screen and see a notification there, e.g. from whatsapp, I tap twice on it and get not to...
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    Перезапись gps.config

    какая версия MIUI? если 10-ка, то надо освободить системный раздел, который забит и места в нем 0. Из-под тврп монтируем систему, заходим в файл-менеджер там же, удаляем например music.apk из system/privv-app и заменяем gps.conf
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    8.7.12 v2

    It is there. Open your camera, options, gear, quick snap mode
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    8.7.12 v2

    By the way devs, what has happened to timer design in MIUI 10? I see all those strange scene modes which trigger no sound and missing such important things like a list of pre-set timers and orange blinking when timer is about to stop.... How do you think if I replace something like Clock.apk or...
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    8.7.12 v2

    You can remove this sound manually via TWRP file manager if you are not rooted. Go to system/media/audio/ui and remove file Delete.ogg
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    8.7.12 v2

    Thanks, notifications problem on lockscreen resolved. Mi4s
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    8.7.12 v2

    Same here. Mi4S. However sms messages are visible.
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    Miui 10 Launching Soon...

    Better integration with google services, e.g. smartlock and backup.