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    CJK fonts got changed in 9.8.22. How could I change back?
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    Invalid Phone got fully wiped when upgraded to 10.3.1 stable.

    There are also other instance of Mi note 3 that got wiped:
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    Invalid Phone got fully wiped when upgraded to 10.3.1 stable.

    I have Mi note 3 (jason), upgraded from stable 10.2.3 to stable 10.3.1, and the phone got fully wiped. I lost everything in internal storage, but I did not perform a manual wipe. Hope devs will fix this!
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    10.3.1 issue

    My phone got formatted also. Lost all my apps and photos. Gladly I have google photo sync enabled, but this still sucks...
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    Mix2 battery life

    I turn off automatic startup for most of my apps, only fb messenger and gmail could auto start. I also use this app to force stop most background apps.
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    Mix2 battery life

    No games, mostly use firefox browser, reddit, and gmail. About 8 hours SOT.
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    Cannot install eu rom, bootloop?

    Thanks. "Format data" in TWRP after flash zip, finally pass bootloop!
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    Cannot install eu rom, bootloop?

    Could you list your steps that successfully install rom?
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    Cannot install eu rom, bootloop?

    Hi, I got my mix 2, unlocked the bootloader, and installed TWRP. I tried to flash globa stable ROM, but will stuck at boot animation (3-dot animation with "mix" logo). I waited over ~10 minutes, no any progess. Any help please?
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    Camera2 API on Oreo (Miui10) is possible?

    I switch to eu stable, just modify build.prop and camera2 api works. Arnova8G2 's Pixel2Mod 6.1 app works.
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    Resolved Lockscreen shortcut wrong text

    Still not fix in 8.12.13
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    Resolved Lockscreen shortcut wrong text

    Currently using Mi note 3 (jsaon), on Chinese(Taiwan) locale. The lockscreen shortcut has wrong text. First one should be "contacts", but becomes "Mi Home", Second one should be "calendar" but becomes "remote control", Last one should be "music" but becomes "lockscreen wallpapers" Please fix, devs.
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    Mi note 3 (jason): Magisk v16 or v16.7 won't past saftynet. Both cts profile and basic integrity failed. Before magisk zip is flashed, saftynet will pass.
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    Why no Mi Note3? Any bugs for suspended?
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    New Devices Uncertified

    Hmmm... I'm on 8.3.22, mi note 3, also get "Devices Uncertified" in play store. I have magisk v16 installed.
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    New Google Smartlock - Not Working

    I have the same issue, Google smart lock was working on MIUI8, you can access its interface using this app: But its setting won't apply on MIUI9.
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    Problem Fingerprint Sensor Mi5s

    The fingerprint data located at persist partition, you need to flash persist.img via fastboot command, and persist partition is only editable in EDL mode. I had mi 5s, and I could only boot into EDL mode by a 9008 test point method. You may reference...
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    The left lockscreen text mismatch bug is still not fix yet! As screenshot: All the four items show the wrong text. I'm using mi 5s, zh-tw language.
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    Found a bug on left lockscreen: The shortcut text does not match the icon behaviors! All the 4 texts are wrong! Please fix! I'm using mi5s, Chinese traditional language.
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    Smart Lock

    I enabled Google smart lock in xMiui module. But still cannot find smart lock option in settings. I'm using mi 5S, MIUI9 EU latest develop ROM.