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    Invalid Phone got fully wiped when upgraded to 10.3.1 stable.

    I have Mi note 3 (jason), upgraded from stable 10.2.3 to stable 10.3.1, and the phone got fully wiped. I lost everything in internal storage, but I did not perform a manual wipe. Hope devs will fix this!
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    Cannot install eu rom, bootloop?

    Hi, I got my mix 2, unlocked the bootloader, and installed TWRP. I tried to flash globa stable ROM, but will stuck at boot animation (3-dot animation with "mix" logo). I waited over ~10 minutes, no any progess. Any help please?
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    Resolved Lockscreen shortcut wrong text

    Currently using Mi note 3 (jsaon), on Chinese(Taiwan) locale. The lockscreen shortcut has wrong text. First one should be "contacts", but becomes "Mi Home", Second one should be "calendar" but becomes "remote control", Last one should be "music" but becomes "lockscreen wallpapers" Please fix, devs.
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    New Cell Broadcasting Option Missing?

    I have the mi 5S, it was in china stable ROM, and had the option for turn on cell broadcasting. Now at MIUI 9 EU weekly ROM, I can't find the option to turn on cell broadcasting. Is EU developers removing it?
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    Fingerpting Issue On 7.4.6?

    I upgraded to 7.4.6 EU rom, found that fingerprint sensor was not working for me anymore. It cannot register/sense any finger, each time it doesn't recognize my finger as a finger. No any fingerprint issue back in 7.3.16. Anyone has this issue?