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  1. Trollolo


    Hello everyone, We are having problems in two different Poco F1's with the last release. We can't edit slow motion videos, after choosing which part is slow and hitting the save button, a small "saving video" pop-up appears but quickly goes away and the video isn't saved. I've tried a clean...
  2. Trollolo


    Thanks I've sent an email to support explaining the problem.
  3. Trollolo

    New Data usage shows weird values on POCO F1

    Hello, Data usage is showing incorrect values (as negative numbers or thousands of gb) after using USB thetering. Each day, it restarts to 0 bytes and doesn't change until I plug it into my pc, then it starts pulling random numbers again. I'm on 8.12.20 Thanks.
  4. Trollolo


    Anyone knows how to disable telegram floating notifications? I've done it in app settings and in system settings, but they still appear.
  5. Trollolo


    Updater app is telling me on poco f1 that there is a new version, but I'm already on 8.12.20 and it is trying to update to a build with the same version number. Is it an error or there is a small fix? Thanks.