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  1. sutt359

    Wifi Calling

    Hi everyone My provider EE uk supports WiFi calling, I used it on my lumia 950. I can't seem to find the option on my mi5s running the the latest rom to turn it on.
  2. sutt359

    Mi4c Go Back To Rom

    Hi Guys Ive installed the Cyanogenmod 13 on my Mi4c but would like to go back to the .EU rom. Is this an easy task...Just a case of booting to TWRP clear everything and flash from there? Thanks
  3. sutt359

    New Mic4 Owner Advice Needed Please.

    Hello Everyone im a newbie here :) Ive not tinkered with android devices since the HTC Hero android 1.5 days... From reading around lots have changed. Ive just ordered myself a Mic4 (Fedup with WP) Im stuggling to keep up with whats needed to get the internation rom installed. Or even just...