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  1. Mo158

    New OPPO Find5 random hangs

    For the last few weeks I've been facing hangups. The leds work, but the display won't turn on, so I have to force reboot... I've had it with every 3.8.X rom... Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  2. Mo158

    Phone stuck at MIUI logo

    I don't know what happenned, but yesterday, I rebooted my phone, but it's stuck at the logo screen. I already restored a previous backup, but no help what so ever. The phone also gets really hot... Is it broken? ***EDIT*** Reinstalling didn't work eighter... ***EDIT2*** Had to factory...
  3. Mo158

    New Torch not working on OPPO with multilang roms

    As title says, the torch doesn't work on the OPPO's with the multilang rom installed.
  4. Mo158

    Problem with app

    On my previous phone I was able to use to display full screen pictures of the caller. In the MIUI rom, the option just ain't there, and I'm stuck with a thumbnail picture. Anyone solved this one? Thx!
  5. Mo158

    Topic for Oppo Find 5

    Hello, Since MIUI has a rom for the Oppo Find 5, I think it should get its own thread. Because I have a question about MIUI on the OPPO, but I can't find a place to ask my question, hence I'll try it here :) The stock rom that comes with the OPPO has HDR support for the camera and video, and...
  6. Mo158

    Help me decide!!!!

    Hi there Miuimates, I'm currently an owner of an iPhone5. However, this phone belongs to my employer. Since I'm leaving the company (yes the grass is always greener ...) I'll have to look for a new phone. I've been playing with MIUI in the past (HTC Desire) and I remember that I liked it a...
  7. Mo158

    Can't install MIUI on my INC S

    Hi there! I've been an MIUI fan for quite some time now, been using it on my HTC Desire since froyo. But recently the Desire has passed away, may god rest his soul, so I had to move on to new horizons. In short, I bought a HTC Incredible S. This phone is rooted with AlphaRevX, so root access...