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    Power Save Settings Not Activating

    Same here on nexus one, but it's been like that for a long time.....
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    rotation lag

    +1 Nexus one all themes
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    Haptic Feedback Issue (feedback doubled) N1

    When pressing a touch button with haptic feedback enabled, the device now (after 0.6.17 upgrade) vibrates once when button is pressed, and once more when finger is removed/button release. This goes for all OS controlled haptic feedback events, like the Dialpad, the touch sensitive buttons under...
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    No sound in calls

    The last two versions, I've had problems with no sound in incoming and outgoing calls. How can i fix this? When someone calls me, or i call out, I hear nothing. Don't know if they hear me or not. Nexus one 1.5.20
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    MIUI-DEV WEATHER Help & Support

    Another vote for australia support from me!