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    Find Device Error.

    Hello! Trying to upgrade my redmi note 3 pro (qualcomm) from 8.0.5 stable up to 8.1.2 stable using twrp. After flashing 8.1.2 and during the first run tuning i've reached a mi account login but can't go on because of "couldn't check find device status" message. So i can't reach the new rom's...
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    Battery Leak?

    Hello! Got a 6.7.28 rom on my XRN3 PRO for now. Everything's fine, but something wrong with the battery usage. In particular Android system eats between 27 and 30% of a battery. I think it is not normal. Shall it be fixed? Thank You. :)
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    Contact Pic Is Not Showing :(

    Hi! There's a problem: After migrating to miui V8 on the redmi note 3 pro (Qualcomm) the contact pic is not showing while incoming call proceeds. Is that a known problem? I've heard that the bug is in the file called InCallUI.apk which is a part of the ROM. Dear DEVs, is it possible to fix it...
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    Twrp For Redmi 3s

    Hi everybody! Well, need help again! I've downloaded and flashed TWRP for Redmi 3S. Going ok for the first TWRP run. But when i've tapped "reboot to OS" nothing's happening but the initial white MI logo is shown. Long power button press doesn't help - it's all the same and i even can't run TWRP...
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    Notification Panel.

    Hi! After flashing rom, a player widget has desappeared from notification panel and now there is a search widget instead. So how to put the player widget back in there? Thanx...
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    How To Update?

    Well... Since there's no OTA updates anymore, how to update the rom manually? Not reflash from scratch, but update.. Can someone enlighten me?