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    [GUIDE] Custom Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (chiron) boot logo

    I created a custom logo.img for Mi Mix 2 (chiron) with instructions to create your own one. chiron This is not a bootanimation, is the logo shown when phone power up. Tested on Mi Mix 2 (chiron) with rom. Dont try on another devices.
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    [Tutorial] Use custom bootanimation on MIUI without need to root.

    I created a theme file (.mtz) with boot animation only. It can be open with any archiver tool like WinRAR and replace the file inside with your favorite one. 1. Open Themes App > My account > Themes > Import >...
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    Yep, FC was caused by vanced module, ty.
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    Mi mix 2 chiron, TWRP 3.3.1 Install magisk 19.2 cause random force close Without magisk works fine.
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    Whats the use for "Unmute sound toggle in Sound settings"?
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    New MIUI 10 8.6.28 - Gallery cant delete screenshots

    with Mi Cloud enabled works, so a better description of the bug is "Gallery unable to delete images located in sdcard/pictures/screenshots/ when Mi Cloud is disabled"
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    New MIUI 10 8.6.28 - Gallery cant delete screenshots

    Mi Mix 2. It's weird because only fail with images placed on sdcard/pictures/screenshots/
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    New MIUI 10 8.6.28 - Gallery cant delete screenshots

    1. Take one screenshot 2. Open Gallery app 3. Remove the image 4. Clear app from memory and open again 5. The image is back
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    Did the age detection in miui camera gone in miui 10?

    I am unable to find it now
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    MIUI 10 missing nature sounds

    On MIUI 10 "Nature sounds" is the default notificación sound, but if you choose another sound how to get back to "Nature sounds"? is missing on sound list.
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    My Mi Mix 2 showed Roaming icon and 3G on first boot. Fixed after switch airplane mode on/off.
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    Just updated 8.4.4 to 8.4.26 on Mi Mix 2 using oficial Twrp and flashed Magisk. Everything seem working fine .
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    Anyone Tried To Use Midi Keyboard With Otg Adapter On Mix 2?

    I am on weekly miui, connecting MIDI keyboard using a OTG adapter freeze miui few seconds later.
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    Google Assistant Using Full Screen Display?

    Is possible to trigger PiP mode or Google Assistant using Full screen display setting (no navigation bar)? I accidentally did PiP mode grabbing phone on edges but I m unable to replicate it.
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    New Wrong Translation: Mi Mix 2, Miui 9.3 8.1.25 V2

    "Conectado. Se requiere verificación" means "Connected. Verification is required"
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    "unmount Of /system Failed" But Update Works

    Meh, I am already using that one
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    Your screen record app crash too?
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    "unmount Of /system Failed" But Update Works

    Mi phone is Mi Mix 2. Installing 7.12.7 TWRP show error "unmount of /system failed" but update finish and seem to work. Just to be sure I wiped all partitions and flash again, this time without errors.