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    Garbage Scrambled Audio In Videos

    There looks to be a few fixes on XDA but they need root, can they be put into the rom as the stock settings are useless. I recorded a concert recently and friends audio is great on their phones, mines just scrambled distorted audio which sucks. I think the rom would really benefit from the...
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    Camera2 Api Enabled?

    Can Camera2 Api be enabled for more models? I have a Note 4 Global and would love this to be enabled so I can use *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* and don't need to root it (I have no other need for root).
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    Root Then Unroot And Restore Safety Net?

    Hi, I want to temporarily root my phone for a week or two so I can check what LTE bands I'm using. What's the best way to do this and then afterwards the best way to unroot and restore safety net. I don't want or need long term root so no xposed or magisk safety net fixes are needed. I'm on...
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    Security Questions

    Hi, I have a Note 4 Global (4GB/64GB), before I switch from Global Dev I've got a few security questions about 1) Is the device still locked to my account even if factory reset? Like it would be with an Offical Global rom. 2) Does the unlocked bootloader make me more vulnerable? 3)...
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    Miui Fingerprint Security?

    Does MIUI adhere to the standard Android Fingerprint security. I mean that on android, when you first power on the phone (or reboot), the first unlock each time must be with your password/passcode/pattern before the fingerprint will work. Does MIUI require this, hopefully it does as it's a big...
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    Redmi 3 Pro Support?

    Hi, I'm going to order a Redmi 3 Pro but am waiting for support, when is this expected, it should be quick right? Will the same rom support both variants?