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    What is Customize Attribution new Feature in 10.21

    Hi Can someone tell me what is Customize Attribution and how to use it it is a new feature added in today's build but figure out what it does.
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    MIUI 1.8.26 not detecting correct time zone

    Installed MIUI 1.8.26 HD2 from scratch i mean task29 wipe etc. till last week ie MIUI 1.8.19 date, time and time zone was automatically taken from mobile network, but with latest build even tho it takes correct time and date time zone defaults to UTC. which mean if time in your country is...
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    HTC IME MOD keyboard by Jonasl FC on 1.8.12 any idea to fix it?

    Hi Guys, I had been using HTC IME MOD by jonasl on miui ever since i started using miui on my HD2. and i worked flawlessly till 1.8.5. but since i updated to 1.8.12 it will FC every time on boot. message appears only on boot but once phone is booted it works perfect. this is what logcat shows...