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    Resolved PIN code screen lock

    Has this issue been fixed in 2.9.7? I need to use the PIN because of Exchange policies and I am not prepared to hack the mail program to get round it... I'm using an SGS II incase it's only fixed on some phones...
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    New Bluetooth answering (Samsung Dock)

    Is there any way to get the phone to default to using Bluetooth when answering a call? I have the Samsung Car dock for my Galaxy S II and the bluetooth connects fine to the car kit (Fiscon) but whenever I answer a call, I have to then hit answer using bluetooth on the phone... This is getting...
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    New Lockscreen and PIN entry background Images on SGS II

    Small thing that is bugging me... I have a lockscreen image set and that shows up on the MIUI lockscreen, however, when I get to the PIN entry screen I have an image that was in the default theme behind the keypad. Is there any way to change this image as it looks a bit wierd going from a...