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    Invalid Xiaomi Mi4 doesn't start

    Hello, My phone after 1 day that I have installed a new theme had buged, so it started turn off and on just to android back screen. I arrived turned it off grace a Fastboot. After, from TWRP mode, I tried to install a rom multi.cancro 5-12-17 V7-4-4 present in my download file in the phone. New...
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    New Rom

    Hello, I have a MI 4 with 8.8.9 beta Rom. I have seen that it's published in Rom dawnload the 5.5.17 multi.cancro v. 7.4.4. Is it better, is it last version? Thank you,
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    New File Note

    Hello, I've updated my Mi4 at the last I'miui 10 but I have seen that Note incon is empty. It doesn't saved my last notes. Is it possible to recover these notes? Thanks
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    New Mi Pad 2 Updated

    Hi, I uploaded my Mi Pad 2 to 8.5 stable (because it seems it is the last one) but when I turned on my Pad it showed me a lot error like t", the performance application block, note application block, gallery app block etc" and if I want send a notice to xiaomi. Why and what I can do? Thanks for...
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    Update Rom

    Dear all, I've just receved my new Mi Pad 2, there is a multilingue rom but isn't EU versione. It's possibile to update this ? I joint here the screenshot. Tanks to all
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    Hi to all, I've a Mi4 and I update the room by this forum but I don't understand if it is necessary to install the SuperSU in my device and eventually why is it racomanded. Another I wait my new Mi pad 2 from HK seller who have told me that he has installed Miui 7 base multilingual and Google...