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    Battery Life Rn2 Prime

    Hi, Does anyone who have a Redmi Note 2 Prime with Tianma display could tell me about the battery life? Thanks.
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    [1S] How to flash MIUI Android ROM ?

    Hello ! With MIUI Recovery please. Thanks ;)
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    [Redmi 1S]How to move apps to SD Card ?

    Hi ! ;) The reliable way, please. ^^ Thanks ! ;)
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    Some questions about Redmi 1S WCDMA

    Hello ! I am going to buy a Redmi 1s but I have some questions : 1) Is it possible to move apps on SD Card NATIVELY ? 2) Can I flash MiuiAndroid ROM with stock recovery ? Thanks ! ;)
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    [Request] MIUI V5 for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

    Hi ! :) I would know if could port Miui V5 on Galaxy Ace 2. It would be very great ! It is NovaThor U8500 based (as S3 Mini, Xperia U). And there are 2 versions of Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 : one without NFC (I8160) and one with NFC (I8160P), it would be very great if we have both Miui...
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    Some questions

    Hi :) I have some questions about WCDMA Hongmi : 1) Does the multilang rom for WCDMA Hongmi will be released ? 2) How are the sim cards slots ? Is there two NOT-chinese slots or there will be a chinese slot and a normal slot ? 3) What are frequencies in WCDMA ? 900mhz and 2100 mhz ? Thanks ;)
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    Install MiuiAndroid's multilanguages ROM

    Hi :) I want to know how to install this multilanguages rom for Xiaomi HongMi with stock rom. :) And, is there OTA Updates (every week, isn't it?)? :) Does MiuiAndroid will release a rom for WCDMA Xiaomi HongMi? :) Thanks ;)