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    New [11.0 Stable][Mi8] Can't make calls with WCDMA/LTE network type

    I can't make calls with the named network type. Always getting this error: If network type is set to GSM/WCDMA/LTE or GSM/WCDMA auto/preferred, everything works as intended. My provider said everything's all right on his side, so I believe it could be a ROM issue? I live in Germany...
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    Can you change InGame Game Launcher App Shortcuts?

    I mean those on the left where you can see WhatsApp, Facebook and the Browser Mi 8, MIUI 11 9.9.27
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    New [8.9.29][Mi8] Transparent notifications on lock screen

    I don't know why. My Mi8 was on standby for ~5 hours. I disabled both Battery Smart Scenes today. I haven't faced this bug before. Maybe it's connected with the smart Scenes I disabled. Reloading the lock screen partly solved the issue. Changing the system theme from dark to bright (and vice...
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    Extremely high "Cell Standby" battery drain

    Cell Standby is even higher than Display. I read that it's a problem with the baseband firmware on the Chinese Mi8 in the Global markets. I have a Chinese Mi8, which I'm using in Germany. Can I do something to lower the drain? Or can the team do something against the high drain...
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    How to change the clock font in Notification shade, Lock screen and the Weather Widget?

    Hey everyone! As the title says I was wondering if it's possible to do so. I tried changing the AndroidClock.ttf fonts in /system/fonts and tried to apply a theme with another font and restarted my device, but without success. Is it possible to change the font or revert it back to the stock...
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    MIUI Beta Update Restrictions

    I was wondering what happens to the EU Beta ROMs now. Do "older" devices still receive Beta Updates if Xiaomi stops releasing them? Or is the only solution then to go back to stable? And if so, what of I have Beta installed? Do I have to wipe my data and downgrade? Thanks in advance for answering!