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  1. virtualenix

    Home screen layout on v. [solved]

    Hi all, I just update my Mi Note 3 with a fresh V. stable. All perfect but my layout of home are changed in 4x5 without a possibility to change this in different way, like before. Normally I used 5x6, for me very confortable. Any one know if there is a new sub menu or a new features...
  2. virtualenix

    How To Change Fonts On Miui V8 Developer (bootloader Locked)

    Hi all, Please, some one can help me to resolve my easy question? The question is, can I have a possibility to change fonts for my little MI5 (MIUI 8 7.2.16 weekly)? OK, it's a mooded rom but, why it's impossible to change this? I ask just to know, but if some one want help me or have a...