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    Anybody having a Android Wear Smartwatch?

    Neither with MIUI global ROM, nor with ROM my LG Watch R sends me notifications of Threema, Whatsapp oder e-Mail. Is anybody here having a Android Wear watch and it works? Please show me your settings! Thank you very much in advance
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    permission for amazon shopping app

    Hi, when I click an Amazon app link in a WhatsappMessage, which permission do I have to set so that my Amazon App catches that link? And: When I delete the standards from my browser, why is the amazon app not a possibility to choose to open that link with? I am on Mi8 but I am rather sure its a...
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    problem weather widget

    Hi, my Xiaomi Mi 8 with runs latest MIUI 10 beta. I am trying to use a weather widget. Unfortunately the app cannot get my location. I already set the permission "Get location info get precise location", I also allowed "Autostart" and the Battery saver for the app is deactivated. Which...
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    Will The Xiaomi Vr2 Headset Like Lineageos?

    Hello will the above mentioned VR Headset work with LinageOS on my Mi5s? Does anyone have experience with it? I am really interested in buying one ;-)
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    Unlock Mi5s Before Installing Weekly?

    Hi, I unlocked my Mi5s, installed TWRP and the latest weekly. But now I have to manage a Mi5s of a friends and I do not want to unlock it and install TWRP. Is it possible to install the latest weekly without unlocking and installing TWRP via my deep-flash cable? Many thanks in advance