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    ICS for nexus one

    will the nexus one get an ICS ... or its time to move on from nexus one
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    Download an old ROM

    Does any one know where I can get an old ROM like 2 moths ago?
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    Hard to hear phone calls

    I have nexus one so the problem is if someone call's me or i call it very hard to hear the other person I am out of the ideas how to fix it after flashing 1.9.9 (falshed like i was coming for an different ROM) there is a new problem every time i get a call the speaker turns on
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    Mark can you kick out this guy he spamming this forum

    Mark kick out this spammer "alablycag" here is what he puts on this forum Thanks I hate spammers!!!
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    What is NFC?

    In Setting/System there is NFC (ON/OFF) What is that? How does it works? I only see it in Nexus S and Nexus one does not have it. Is it just for Nexus S?
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    Does any know how to turn off GPS for browser?

    I hate this every time I open a browser the GPS turns on so how can I turn off GPS for the browser and not to disabled the whole GPS. Sent from my Nexus One using the forum app