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    MIUI 11.1 9.12.12

    Hi. I don't have the option in settings to set Access Points Names nor WLAN Calls for SIM2. When I eject SIM1 and use only SIM2 I have both of these options. Is this considered a bug? Does anyone else have this issue? My device is a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S (8g, 256gb model).
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    MIUI 11.1 9.10.24

    Mi MIX 2S. All these issues were present in the previous beta release as well. Screenshot button combination (Volume down + power) doesn't work, only 3 fringers swipe. Hey Google does not work, when I try to enable it it gives a random toast error. AI button does work. All the videos don't have...
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    Vibration doesn't work on my Mi Mix 2S on keyboard or literally any button. It works just when I'm receiving a call. EDIT: Vibration work!!! Apparently, if your phone is low on battery, vibrations won't work anymore! I checked battery saver and it wasn't enable! Weird bug.
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    GBWhatsApp notifications still don't work on this version (so on for the last 3 versions at least). They worked great in official global stable. Whatsapp web doens't work either after ~30mins of inactivity in GBWhatsapp app on the phone, so i don't receive any messages after ~30 minutes of...
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    I have the exact problem since the previous version. This one includes it as well. Tell us if you have any success while flashing clean.
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    WhatsApp not working in background (after a few minutes) when connected to a wireless network. Messages don't mark as received by others and WhatsApp Web doesn't work as well. I discovered that this issue happens only on Wi-Fi. On Mobile data this issue is not present.
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    Flash Magisk.
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    I suddenly receive a notification from time to time that says Google Play Services to add permission to Contacts and Phone, even though they are activated. Also, Whatsapp tends to not work in background after about 20 minutes of inactivity. I am not receiving any messages and I can't use...