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  1. damia

    Poco F2 pro

    There is a bug in the Google sync section, if you use the dark theme you don't see the bottom of the screen. weekley Inviato dal mio POCO F2 Pro utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. damia

    Poor data signal reception

    Hi guys, I'm having bad 4G signal reception of the Poco f2 pro compared to my old xiaomi mi 8 smartphone. The Poco takes a notch less and doing the sppedtest reaches a much lower speed. Is it a problem that can be solved via software with future updates or is it a hardware problem?
  3. damia

    synchronization button

    In the latest version of the weekly eu the synchronization button has been removed from the quik settings, why? it was comfortable.
  4. damia

    Invalid Magisk does not install from recovery

    I have a problem on my xiaomi mi 8. Every time I update to the latest weekly release, I also flash magisk canary from recovery, but magisk doesn't install! When I restart I don't have root access. I always have to go back to recovery, uninstall magisk with the uninstaller and reinstall magisk...
  5. damia

    Unlock with face recognition

    I can't delete the face data I added, the setting is blocked, nothing happens when I click on it. How can I solve it? I have the last weekly Eu 9.10.24 I have a xiaomi mi 8 Inviato dal mio MI 8 utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. damia

    Google lens

    Google Lens doesn't work with Xiaomi mi 8's weekly ROM, when will the bug be fixed? Inviato dal mio MI 8 utilizzando Tapatalk
  7. damia

    Invalid Ok Google doesn't work

    Ok Google doesn't work on the Xiaomi mi 8 weekly Rom, when will the bug be fixed? Inviato dal mio MI 8 utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. damia

    Invalid problem with dark themes

    Good morning, for some time now my xiaomi mi 8 with weekly rom, is plagued by an annoying bug that comes with dark themes, which are those that I use. In practice, as can also be seen from the screenshoot, in addition to the background even the writing is dark making it very difficult to view...
  9. damia

    Twrp backup

    Good morning, On these strange twrp unofficial are some partitions, in addition to the classic ones, which I had never seen as persist and vendor. To make a backup from recovery To restore in case of problems I always have to select the classic partitions, data, System and Boot? Persist And...