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  1. Aaagogo

    how to create a batch file to delete folders in OrangeFox Recovery

    can anyone point me in the direction to read and learn the resources where i can create a batch file for use in OF Recovery, thanks in advance. my goal is to create a batch file to delete folders in OF Recovery. after rom updates, i manually mount "system" then proceed to delete folders...
  2. Aaagogo

    [OFFICIAL][TWRP]OrangeFox Recovery Project [R10.0]

    just a heads up, there is now an official recovery for lavender head over to XDA to check it out. thank you to ICEMAN for his "unofficial" lavender hard work before this came out.
  3. Aaagogo

    Redmi Note 7 soft brick help

    is there a miflashtool rom i can try? i was on 9.6.27 and was flashing upgrading to 10.3 stable in the process, i got both locked out... android and twrp anyone encountered this issue?
  4. Aaagogo

    Remove bloatware on Second space

    I have been tinkering with Second space on Rom and have found the way to remove bloatware on Second space. manual ADB shell uninstall command; --user 0 is first space --user 10 is second space adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 10 <-to remove bloatware from second space...
  5. Aaagogo

    is there any icon pack that supports dynamic calendar icons

    it's weird, on the kitkat miui8, the default icons supports dynamic calendar icons that auto updates todays date on the google calendar app. now on pie miui10, that feature is gone. anyone has any icon packs that supports the dynamic calendar icon so that the google calendar app will auto...
  6. Aaagogo

    New More of a security feature for Second Space

    Hey Devs, not sure how many of you run IMHO the best feature of MIUI, Second Space, while it's selling point was supposed to be secret, safe and privacy, there is a security flaw with it's notifications. Is it possible for the devs to look into the notifications of second space to have the...
  7. Aaagogo

    App Vault unable to update

    Hey Devs, just starting out on your awesome ROM; got a question/highlight an issue with the Xiaomi App Vault. Device: Redmi Note 7 Rom: 10.4 by 9.5.9 Beta :) Rom App Vault Version: 2.8.614 Play Store App Vault Version 2.13.10 I am unable to update the app via Play store, i also...
  8. Aaagogo

    Shorten Bootloader Unlock Wait Time

    As i have not been active lately on i was awarded 360 hours wait time to unlock the bootloader of my Redmi Note 7 My 1st application was on the 04/05/19 and I was voicing my displeasure on their forum. I was reading about boot-loader times being shorten, so i decided to try it myself...
  9. Aaagogo

    Would Devs be interested in Second Space Bugs?

    IMO, the best redeeming feature of MIUI is Second Space... but there seems to be lots of issues with it. Would devs care to include those bugs in the reports?
  10. Aaagogo

    Hi all

    Greeting new forum friends, i was about to lose it with xiaomi and miui when XDA pointed me to this Rom project that is being worked on here, having my old xiaomi phones, Redmi 1S and Redmi Note 3G finally giving up on me, I finally left KitKat for Pie. but the bootloader unlock wait times...