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  1. Machpoint89

    Mi 8 - Weekly 11.15 & 11.23 MICROPHONE / SOUND issues WhatsApp and Skype

    Hey guys, The past two builds nobody can hear me what I make a WhatsApp / Skype call - I can hear them - Regular phone call is fine - all app permissions allowed - all apps updated. Cache cleared and app data cleared - VOICE messages DO work So something strange going on. Anyone else has...
  2. Machpoint89

    Samsung Gear S3 Watch

    Any of you guys have success connecting a Samsung Gear S3 watch? Both stock China ROM nor .EU ROM seem to support it. The gear app just crashes when trying to connect to the watch (it does see the watch during setup) I don't have this problem with the Xiaomi Mi 5s+ Maybe a Nougat issue ...
  3. Machpoint89

    Screen "flicker" Mi6 - Not Rom Related

    Anyone noticed a slight screen flicker that occasionally happens. Not ON & OFF, but a difference in brightness I've turned OFF "auto brightness" ,but didn't seem to help. This occurs with Weekly .EU or stock China ROM Tried googling.... ⁣[emoji574] Sent from my Commodore 64 using Tapatalk