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  1. morback Stable Odecnfa - Still No Face Unlock

    Hi Can someone confirm that face unlock is still unavailable in the last stable build based on ? I can't find it. Thanks
  2. morback

    Media Audio Doesn't Work Through Bluetooth

    Hi My Mi Mix 2 is updated with last stable rom. When I connect it to my car bluetooth (not the integrated one, I changed the car radio), it connects well and calls work but not media audio. It is shown as connected and sound doesn't come from the phone either, even control works, but...
  3. morback

    Stable Miui 9.5.2

    Hi all Stable MIUI 9.5.2 is finally out :) Correct me if I'm wrong, but it should be based on Android 8.0. Because if this, is there any special step to do before updating from stable 9.2? Like updating TWRP? Thanks for your help :D Edit : I tried to download the update through the...