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  1. invd

    MIUI 11.1 9.12.19

    Sorry if this was already answered or is not strictly rom related: Since this release I can't use fingerprint scanner. I deinstalled magisk, erased data from fingerprint app, erased all fingerprints but no luck. When I try to add a new fingerprint phone teboots immidiatly. Any hint is highly...
  2. invd

    New MI9 - screen issue - last build

    I can confirm this bug
  3. invd


    Mi 9, no problems at all, all apps working as they should. Thanks!
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  5. invd


    I tried the new release now (thanks by the way!) and can unfortunatly confirm this bug report. PIP on Mi9 with Google Maps not working (same bugs as before). No big deal for me, just as info! Edit: Just saw that clean install fixes it.
  6. invd

    Can't install Netflix after resetting my phone

    Same here // Mi 9 (global 6/128) EDIT: I got this fixed, simply bei downloading the most recent Netflix APK from APKMirror (official version) and installing it - just works (IDK if it is necessary, but I also have Magisk installed and Netflix is in the MagiskHide list).
  7. invd

    Feature request: Controllable backlighting brightness

    would be great, +1