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    Camera Auto ISO.

    Hi all. Have had a fiddle with the ISO settings and are getting superbly sharp and less grainy with 100 ISO setting - my point being is that the auto setting seems to rely on higher options. Is there any way to make it shutter faster?
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    Replacement Screen Tutorials - where to be found?

    Hello all. Just curious to know if anyone has stumbled upon any sort of screen replacement tutorial for the Mi2? All I've found so far is a video on YouTube that shows the phone being disassembled revealing the mainboard, but I'm not all too fond on relying on it to fix my screen and would...
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    Instagram issues?

    Hello all, For a while now, Instagram has been a little bit off inoperative with some of it's features. Some of them being the Flux featire , here are some examples: And also, when an image has been processed by the app it tends to add a very grainy result to the photo making appearance...
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    Replacement screens!!!

    As of last night I dropped my phone abs shattered the top right corner from of my screen :( Pretty ungraduated about the whole thing!! Did anyone know where to get a replacement screen? Please help. Best regards, Ubelai
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    Dolby Mobile Control, stereo/mono?

    Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has found a particular stock setting for audio output. When put aside many other different phones (that of which have comparable outputs when set to stock eq, no ext sound settings {Samsung, LG, iPhones etc}) it seems that the audio lacks of complete...
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    Loose USB port

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced a loose cable connection to their phone? Any cable inserted into mine will just fall straight out if I give the phone a slight shake or any movement for that matter whilst the cable is plugged in. Tend to wake up in the mornings with my phone...
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    Facebook Home & Chat Heads buggy?

    Anyone noticing any problems with the recent updates of Facebook as well as Facebook messenger? For me I'm getting problems when I receive a notification - it doesn't seem to show the feature completely, which I am sure is the problem. Is there a way to bypass the notification or? I've figured...
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    Battery drain from having no reception.

    I've currently noticed vast battery drain while my phone has no reception for periods of time (mainly being at work.) I'm thinking the modem/radio must be continuing to scan for a network which is causing the drain, and I'm wondering whether this is MIUI related or hardware related? And, if...
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    Mi2 Charge?

    Hey all. So last night I let my phone completely drain out and was meant to put it back on charge with the phone off - but I fell asleep and had left the phone off charge all night. Now being morning, I've had my Mi2 plugged in for a good hour or so now, and it isn't showing any signs of...
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    MIUI V5 Darkness theme

    Has anyone got this enabled on their device? Tried installing the apk but it doesn't add a theme or show up anywhere, could it be for CM only?
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    [Addons] iPhone font + emoji keyboard

    Hello all. I'd like to share with you all these little addons for your device that could spruce things up if you're one that favours the native iPhone font, and emoji input on any app within. Font ~ Installation: copy extracted .mtz file to...