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    New [Weekly] [whyred/pie] Volume buttons can only control ringtone volume

    There's a problem i'm suffering with volume buttons from some time ago on a Redmi Note 5 with latest MIUI 10.5 beta [Android 9]. It's maybe since Pie update (?). My settings are configured this way: Volume buttons control (by default) ringtone volume, not multimedia volume. But despite of...
  2. J MIUI 10.3 stable ROM for Redmi 4X

    I've just noticed it's now available: URL: File:
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    Procedure to get an "updateable" Redmi 6 Pro

    Hi. This weekend i'll get permission to unlock bootloader in my Redmi 6 Pro (~2 weeks ago i received a 13.16 days waiting time in MiFlash Unlock). I'd like to know some details more about what i'm going to make: 1/ MiFlash Unlock -> Unlock device (all data will be lost) -> No problem with this...