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  1. Wilderone

    Lock Screen (slide To Unlock) In Different Language??

    Does anyone know why it is in a different language as pictured? (kilidi acmak icin kaydirin) My language & input settings are all in English as shown. Any help appreciated. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  2. Wilderone

    New Unable To Close App In Recents

    Redmi Note 4 (Nikel) Bug? Just flashed 6.12.15 Weekly Issue: Cannot close app furthest to the left from recent apps, Swipe upwards does not close it & nothing happens, it also does not matter which application is there. Even if I close all open apps there is always that one left open...
  3. Wilderone

    Compatibility Of Rom For Australian User

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can answer this question for me... I'm interested in this Rom for the added features & fixes however I noticed in a video that Australia was not listed in the locale option when the setup loads the new .eu software. Will this be a problem if the locale is set...