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    How I Fixed My Battery Issues.

    Hi guys, First, I'll start with saying I have nothing to do with this. No credits what so ever. On with the story. Had a lot of issues with the phone being 100% awake, and battery consumption was crazy. Some time ago, it even got worse. The thing would old on for 8h max. I found this...
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    Redmi Pro 3/32 X20 Rom 7.6.10 Awake 100% Of The Time / Bt Disconnect

    Hi. Installed my Redmi Pro with the 7.6.10 ROM and I see that it has the awake status in the battery report on 100% of the time. I see that the android app is used 28% of the time. What gives? How to resolve? Anything needed to troubleshoot? Thanks Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
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    Same Build Will Have Different Behavoirs?

    Hi guys, Using a Xiaomi Redmi Pro 3/32 X20. I had 7.5.11 installed from a previous upgrade and everything was working fine. Then I tested the 7.6.10 build, but found it a bit laggy, and reverted back to 7.5.11 I had backed up with twrp. After restoring this, Bluetooth starting disconnecting in...
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    Cannot See Files From Apps Installed

    cannot see any files installed by the apps. cannot get any saved files to restore later or copy to another device. why is this? Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
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    Contacts Alphabet Bar In Chinese?

    Hi! Does anyone have the same issue? Or if you had the issue, how did you resolve it?