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  1. Yohpagan

    Galileo support

    Hi everybody, 4 new Galileo satellites launched yesterday. What about European positioning with mi 5? Read that it would be compatible. But no Galileo in GPS test app. Would it arrive? Thanks.
  2. Yohpagan

    [solved] Relock Bootloader And Updates?

    Hi, i'm quite busy with safetynet protection. I'm happy with roms and want to stay under it. I saw that lineage os can update even after à bootloader relock. Is that possible with Thanks everybody. Bye. Yoh
  3. Yohpagan

    App Widget On Lock Screen As G Music, Netflix...

    Hello everybody. Does someone know is there a way to enable app widget as mentioned on title.... You know preview of music playing or film. Have play pause, next, previous button... I already have them on lock screen but now I don't. I don't want to expend notification area for pause or resume...
  4. Yohpagan

    Ant+ Enable?

    Hi My son dropped my mi 4s in toilets this morning. It is in rice for the night but I am looking for a new phone in case of it won't restart.... Mi5 pro is a good deal for my opinion. And still a great phone. Can someone tell me if Ant+ is available with this phone under miui, cause with my...
  5. Yohpagan

    Haptic Feedback

    Hi everybody, I am looking for enable haptic feedback when touch the screen or writing on keyboard. Vibrate is on both on screen settings and in Google keyboard settings but no haptic when I touch my phone. Where am I wrong? I got it just when I touch buttons..... Thanks for your help. Yoh...
  6. Yohpagan

    Marshmallow Coming Soon?

    Hi everybody, I've read on mi 4c thread that android 6 seems to be closed to rolling out. Do you think that we have a chance to have MM too? Otherwise, Does someone have a tip to enable Ant+ on mi 4s. Thanks. Yoh from France.
  7. Yohpagan

    Android 6.0 Or 7.0 On Mi 4s?

    Hi every body, Does someone know if we could expect update of our device soon? I'm lost in official miui forum. Thanks. Yoh.
  8. Yohpagan

    Enable Ant+

    Hi, It seems that Ant+ is in our device. Some CM ROM enable it. Is there a chance to see it with miui rom or not? Or can I enable it with mod or something else. Sorry my English. Thanks Yoh.
  9. Yohpagan

    Twrp Problem?[solved]

    Hi, I try to install cm13 ROM on my mi4s. But i've an error while flashing. It tells me that the file is for libra/aqua and that me device is h815.... So i try to flash latest twrp from weekly thread and i have an error too. Any idea? Thanks. Yoh Of course, i'm under unlockef BL, and twrp...
  10. Yohpagan

    Gps Issue Under Endomondo

    Hi, I have an issue under endomondo since several weeks. It seems that it pause itself after a little distance, approx 500 m. All permissions are allowed. Chonometer works, but not tracking. It restart if i turn on screen. Do you have the same issue? Does it work under another app? Thanks...