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  1. paperodigomma

    New [8.9.6] unable to install magisk

    On twrp when I launch install magisk zip sistema say unable to install, zip error code 1 for magisk 16, error code 2 for magisk 17.
  2. paperodigomma

    Redmi note 5 and dolby atmos

    Good morning, need info to install dolby atmos on redmi note 5 thank's
  3. paperodigomma

    7.11.2 Issues

    After this update on my mi4s don't work app gallery and app video when start the apps they crash why? Inviato dal mio MI 4S utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. paperodigomma

    Update 7.10.12 Issue

    Good morning after the weekly update video player don't work, unable to find videos on storage.... Help. Inviato dal mio MI 4S utilizzando Tapatalk
  5. paperodigomma

    Mi4s Ringtone Volume

    Usually i use mp3 file ringtone but after updating to Android 7 ringtone volume is very low why? Inviato dal mio MI 4S utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. paperodigomma

    Mi4s And Nougat

    Good morning some questions about the update to android 7 if you disable the unlock code before updating from 5.1 to 7 then i can rehabilitate it and it works fine, as is the battery consumption with android 7 and in the end is confirmed that after the ' Update from 5.1 to 7 the twrp returns to...
  7. paperodigomma

    Update On Android Nougat

    After update on nougat very important battery drain after 6 hour my m4s are at 30% help... Inviato dal mio MI 4S utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. paperodigomma

    Li Ning And Mi Band

    Hello all i need help to Synchronize a li ning shoes whit mi band if is possible need tutorial thank's Inviato dal mio MI 4LTE utilizzando Tapatalk