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  1. Yohpagan

    MI5 is not dead. rom update 9.1.24

    Hi everybody. I face an issue since my rollback from Siberia os to this new Xiaomi build. My fingerprint sensor is nok. But I'm not sure that it was really working for one or two weeks. Menu test * # * # 64663 # * # * doesn't work too. Does anybody have previous Oreo kernel? Thanks for all. Yoh
  2. Yohpagan

    Galileo support

    Hi everybody, 4 new Galileo satellites launched yesterday. What about European positioning with mi 5? Read that it would be compatible. But no Galileo in GPS test app. Would it arrive? Thanks.
  3. Yohpagan


    Hi, I've only found them in the timer. No way to wake up with... Or I didn't found how to.....
  4. Yohpagan

    Turn Off Data On Second Sim

    Hi, Did you tried tout delete APN? Nous APN, no data i suppose. Bye Yohann from Tahiti
  5. Yohpagan

    Can't Update Rom

    Hi, try latest weekly and updater will certainly work... You'll have the answer next Friday. Or try a previous rom ans see if it works. Bye
  6. Yohpagan

    Problem In New Version 9.5 Not Update

    Hi everyone. Made the update this morning. Until now, no problem, no force close... Too early for seeing any battery drain... Let's see further.... Bye.
  7. Yohpagan Multilang Rom For Xiaomi Mi5 (unlocked Bl Only!) Released!

    Hi, me too. First charge was awful. Second one not better..... But it seems to stabilized since two or three. We will see. Bye
  8. Yohpagan


    Hi, I was lazy to wait every week for new Dev, and find new bugs again and again. I need my phone always now. So I went to stable for 2 weeks and I'm happy with it. So, do you know if stable updates work with OTA? Cause for me, receive the OTA notification is like a gift.... I still like...
  9. Yohpagan

    MIUI 9.1 7.11.9

    Hi, Do you think we will have a notification of updater for miui9 stable (I'm under 8.5 stable Xiaomi.EU) or not? I'm lazy of flash every week. I'll have look with stable for a while. Thanks for all team. Nana. Yoh
  10. Yohpagan

    Hi mister, don't know if you seen it, I asked you if you were able to add ant+ capability on...

    Hi mister, don't know if you seen it, I asked you if you were able to add ant+ capability on ROM, cause it miss me a lot and have to move to aosp based ROM. Yoh from Tahiti. Mi 5 Pro. Thanks for you great job.
  11. Yohpagan

    MIUI 9.1 7.11.2

    Hi everybody, @ingbrzy , would it be possible for one of you to activate ant+ capability in Xiaomi.EU ROM please. It is working in aosp based ROM and I really like that but I prefer your ROM. Thanks for all your good work. Yoh from Tahiti
  12. Yohpagan

    MIUI 9 7.8.17

    Hi, a problem with gboard. Numbers Line doesn't stay. Mi 5 under latest ROM. Thanks for all. Yoh
  13. Yohpagan

    [solved] Relock Bootloader And Updates?

    Hi, Thanks for the answer. Didn't did that custom relock bootloader, but it seems that lineage is able to get ota after a relock of bootloader. I think I read that in lineage thread. I don't know if it pass safety net but it miss me some apps like Netflix, Molotov TV and my canal. By the way, I...
  14. Yohpagan

    [solved] Relock Bootloader And Updates?

    Hi, i'm quite busy with safetynet protection. I'm happy with roms and want to stay under it. I saw that lineage os can update even after à bootloader relock. Is that possible with Thanks everybody. Bye. Yoh
  15. Yohpagan

    Mi5 Problems With Touch

    Hi, any screen protector recently applied? Perhaps some dust between it and your screen.... Yoh from Tahiti
  16. Yohpagan

    MIUI 8.3 7.4.20

    Perhaps it is the problem, mine is not rooted.
  17. Yohpagan

    MIUI 8.3 7.4.20

    Hi here I have no problem with Molotov. Mi 5 Pro. Bye
  18. Yohpagan

    MIUI 8.3 7.3.30

    Hi everybody, for those with Google play waiting for WiFi, this works for me Thanks SSpiderman3 from mi 5 thread who's posted this tip. Bye
  19. Yohpagan

    "waiting For Wifi..." In Ch Play

    Thanks à lot. That seems to be working for me. Done for 2 hours and I'm still able to install or update in Google play. Thanks very much.
  20. Yohpagan

    "waiting For Wifi..." In Ch Play

    Thanks Ingbrzy....