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  1. Igor Eisberg

    Testing OK Google on Mi 8 Explorer

    Users of the Weekly ROM for Mi 8 Explorer Edition, We've reuploaded the latest 9.9.3 ROM for your device. Please reflash it. After that, confirm here that OK Google / Voice Match is working properly.
  2. Igor Eisberg

    [ANNOUNCEMENT] Face Unlock is coming to Mi 5c (8.12.20)

    To the very few Mi 5c users, We have been successful in implementing the face unlock feature on Mi 5c, and the feature will be available starting from the next Weekly release: 8.12.20. This will be our exclusive feature for Weekly channel only at first, and will later appear on the Stable...
  3. Igor Eisberg

    [WEEKLY] Confirmed Issues & FAQ

    [ DON'T REPORT THESE TO US ] * Dark/Night mode: Do NOT report ANY issues regarding this! This feature is officially under development and is not fully stable! We have no control over how it behaves and how it looks! Dark mode on Android Nougat and Oreo does NOT apply to the Settings app. Nothing...